About Us

myShoolwork is a platform to help students and teachers meet. Our system allows students to receive lessons and lectures from their teachers everyday without having to meet the teachers. In this world where eductaion is the best option to make, parents will also encourage their children to learn and receive homework from tutors around the world or from local schools. 

We would like to know if there is a way we can improve our system, please email us at info@myschoolwork.co.za any comments or advice. If you would like also your school to have a seperate system we are here to assist you built a system like this. 

We rely on handouts from well wishers or donors as a small company and we would like to make every child in South Africa to access this platform freely.  If you would like to support our effort please feel free to make donations to our account:

Digitext Trading (Pty) Ltd, First National Bank (SA), Account Number: 62706693084   Branch Code: 250655